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Modular Home Re-Defined2016 Buffalo Home Show February 16, 2016 By: Info Interior Design WNY

The Interior Design Association is proud to partner with Stylecraft  Homes to showcase this modular home, re-imagined for today’s design-savvy buyer and tomorrow’s landscape. This 1000 square foot house introduces the idea of an affordable and efficient housing option with a well-designed  modern and minimalist aesthetic.  The shell of the home was fabricated off-site in 2 sections, and then the details were finished on location - a clearly defined process that guides the project from start to completion.


This type of pre-fab is normally for quick-and-basic construction.  The IDA designers pushed the technology and finishes to make it beautiful and relevant to today’s buyers. The design plan highlights a refreshing palette of warm woods, cool neutrals, and airy expanses of white - with dramatic pops of hot orange, citron green, and deep teal.  Light, simplicity, and clear-cut lines give the home an inviting and effortless warmth. The kitchen and bathrooms were re-invented by the addition of luxury tile, sparkling fixtures, and imaginative cabinetry. These are finishes that are typically exclusive to an upscale residence.


By thinking outside of the basic box,  your personalized,  highly-refined modern home is now more accessible and affordable than ever!

The Design Team 

Michelle Peller White- Cooridinator

Erin Kent - Design Chair

Sandy Nelson

Barbara Reformat

Darlene Ellis